DIY Wedding Wednesday – Escort Cards

What is an escort card? How is different than a place card? Do I need both? WHY are there so many wedding things that I need to think about!?

It’s true – there is a lot of planning that goes into preparing for your wedding! But don’t forget, it will all be worth it in the end!

Yes – place cards and escort cards ARE different.

No – you do not NEED to have both, but some couples choose to! That is completely up to you!

A place card is a card bearing a guest’s name, and used to mark their place at the dining table.

Escort cards are arranged near the entrance of the reception for guests to pick up as they enter – each escort card will usually have the name of the guest and the number or name of the table they are to sit at. 

Some couples will choose to have a single board with names listed at each table instead of escort cards. Then they will have place cards at each sit so guests know exactly where to sit. 

If you are choosing to leave favors at each table, but only give favors one per couple – place cards can be a good way to identify this distinction; placing one favor between each grouping that should receive a favor.

In reality – the options are endless! Place cards and escort cards can be as simple as a small folded piece of white paper! Or as elaborate as a handmade arrangement! 

They are also a great, simple way to further carry out your theme or color scheme. 

Here are a few DIY place card and escort card ideas that I personally LOVE:

Champagne Toast Favor-Escort Cards

Source: The Bridal Guide

Source: The Bridal Guide

I LOVE these escort cards – I think they are so adorable and awesome because they can be used not only as escort cards, but they are also as favors AND as champagne for your first toast! So yes, even though these can be a little bit more on the expensive side to make, keep in mind that they are multipurpose.

Source: The Perfect Palette

Source: The Perfect Palette

You can even add an adorable little straw for sipping.

Mini Champagne bottle: $5-$6 depending on Champagne type

Additional Decorations: price will vary depending on choice of ribbon, card, straw, etc.

Rustic Hanging Clothes Pin Escort Cards

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Style Me Pretty

This a beautiful option for escort cards, especially if you are planning to have a more rustic wedding. Each escort card can be hung from a clothes pin for guests to remove and take to their seats. 

Source: Barrie Anne Photography

Source: Barrie Anne Photography

Or you can choose to take this design one step further and turn your escort cards into a Polaroid guest book as well!

Source: Her Campus

Source: Her Campus

There are so many cute ways to customize this awesome piece – by painting the wood frame with a glossy color, or using ribbon instead of twine, you can totally alter the look of this great escort card display.

Wine Cork Escort or Place Card Holders

Source: Julia Kay Kelly via Wedding Chicks

Source: Julia Kay Kelly via Wedding Chicks

I also LOVE this idea!! I think it is so elegant and classy! On Etsy you can buy these awesome wine corks, pre-flattened on one side and slit for using as a place card! Some sellers will even allow customization as well! So that each cork also acts as a small favor for guests. 

Or if you are looking for the DIY project – you can buy new or used wine corks in bulk on Etsy or at many craft stores! This can be a great option if you are looking to save any extra money that you can!

Coffee Bean Escort Card Tray

Source: Mod Wedding

Source: Mod Wedding





 This is another great option that is super easy! Using cheap coffee beans, sand, pebbles, candy – literally anything could be used to hold these escort cards in place! All you really need is a nice frame – and enough coffee beans/sand/pebbles/candy/whatever to fill that frame! 

Please Be Seeded Escort Seeds

Source: Eden Day Photography via Wedding Chicks

Source: Eden Day Photography via Wedding Chicks

HOW CUTE IS THIS!! OH MY GOODNESS! I almost squealed when I saw this – please be seeded! AH!! I love it! So cute – this could absolutely be personalized by using a favorite flower seed, colored envelope, ribbon, and decorative florals. 

Escort Candies

Who doesn’t love candy?? Uh – no one doesn’t love candy. DUH. Except for my dad – he likes Doritos. But he is an anomaly – and my dad – so I’ll let it slide! Otherwise, EVERYONE loves candy – or knows someone who loves candy and therefore your escort candies will be eaten!!

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Use homemade candies or store-bought! Ferrero Rocher is a great option because they are beautiful wrapped, however, these can get a little more expensive! Be sure to ask your venue if you are allowed to bring in any food from the outside for a such a favor.

Source: Confetti Day Dreams

Source: Confetti Day Dreams

Mini Baby’s Breath Escort Baskets

Source: Mod Wedding

Source: Mod Wedding

I just love baby’s breath – it is so timeless and beautiful – and so cheap! Find these little baskets at an arts and crafts store like Michael’s or A.C. Moore, add some baby’s breath – and VOILE!

Personalized Vintage Escort Card Flags

Source: Etsy - Four 13 Designs

Source: Etsy – Four 13 Designs

I think these little flag escorts are just SO ADORABLE!! And they would be incredibly reasonable to DIY – all you need is some nice cardstock paper, fancy straws, a few mason jars, and twine! Oh and maybe a pair of scissors would help. And some glue. And a printer or pen for writing names!

But really that’s it!!

Mirrored and Glass Seating Charts

Esther Sun Photography

Source: Esther Sun Photography via Mod Weddings

I think a mirrored seating chart can be such a BEAUTIFUL and elegant option. You can literally go to any Home Goods, Michael’s, or even Target and look for an old fashioned mirror to work with. Then all you need is a pretty pen and someone with nice handwriting!

This beautiful mirror actually appears to be framed in a window pane!

Source: Christian Oth Studio

Source: Christian Oth Studio via Mod Weddings

And this one is actually just an old window! This is a really cool option that could be extremely cheap if you find someone getting new windows!

Source: Jen Rodriguez

Source: Jen Rodriguez via Mod Weddings

This option might be a bit more elaborate and hard to find – but beautiful nonetheless!

Source: Jonathan Young Weddings

Source: Jonathan Young Weddings via Mod Weddings

Elegant Framed Table Seating Chart

I think the use of multiple layered frames to create a seating chart is just GORGEOUS!

Source: Mon Cheri Bridals

Source: Mon Cheri Bridals

This unique option could be made to look very elaborate and elegant or modern and chic! All depending on what types and color frames you choose to use. 

Again, going to Home Goods, Michael’s, or even Target is a great way to find a variety of decorative frames that could be used to create this stunning seating chart. 

Source: Jason Hales Photography

Source: Jason Hales Photography via Mod Weddings

The options are literally endless with what you could do! Even and adorable chalkboard which would absolutely be cheap to buy or to make! Nearly any arts and craft store will sell chalkboard paint which you could use to make a beautiful framed chalkboard like the one below!

Classic Chalkboard Seating Chart

Even a classic chalkboard seating chart looks awesome!! And this could be created by literally buying a chalkboard and writing on it – or printing out a large “chalkboard-style” poster to be framed. If doing a print-out, you can even customize your font to look handwritten and perfect.

Etsy Chalk full of Love

Source: Etsy – Chalk Full of Love

I could honestly go on forever!! There are so many amazing options – it would just be impossible to show them all! But before you get sad and think that having a simple escort or place cards is the only way to save some moolah – think again!

Elaborate or not, creating escort or place cards on your own can save quite a bit of money! Even using a discounted paper goods website like Minted, is an AWESOME option for cutting down costs. Some companies charge a fortune for paper goods – when really, it is not that hard to do on your own! 

There are plenty of ways to add a special touch to your wedding with beautiful seating cards and boards! All you have to do is decide what is that you want!


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