DIY – S’Mores Favors

As summer comes to an end, I refuse to say goodbye to my FAVORITE summer dessert…


Crisp honey graham crackers; soft yet gooey, toasted marshmallows; and warm melted milk chocolate squares – YUM!

S’mores are just amazing. That is that.

So why not include them in your wedding?

I cannot tell you how many different DIY S’more bars and favors I have seen while planning my wedding, it’s incredible! And also, a fabulous idea!

The ingredients are cheap, easy to get, easy to arrange, and everyone loves them! If that doesn’t describe the perfect wedding favor I am not sure what will.

What You’ll Need:

For 24 favors:

24 plastic candy bags (you can get these at A.C. Moore, Michael’s, or Paper Mart)

48 honey graham crackers

4-10.5 ounce bag of marshmallows

12 bars milk chocolate

Label cutouts

12 feet of ribbon or twine, cut into 6 inch segments

Decorative tags, optional

Let’s S’More!

  1. For each favor, take one candy bag. Place two graham cracker halves flat at the bottom of the bag. If there is a bottom seam holding the two sides of the bag together (and it is not a naturally flat bottom), line up the seam with the middle of the graham cracker half. 
  2. Break milk chocolate bar into 4 sets of 4 squares. Take two sections, lay in bag on top of graham crackers. 
  3. Place four marshmallows (circle side down) on top of the chocolate.
  4. Lastly, place two more graham cracker halves on top of marshmallows. 
  5. Twist and tie bag with 6 inch segment of ribbon or twine. Attach a decorative tag, if desired!

And that’s it!! Feel free to order the S’more ingredients however you like…

For example: All grahams, all chocolate, all marshmallows

Source: It Girl Wedding

Source: It Girl Weddings

Or graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker.

Source: Do Me a Favor Box

Source: Do Me a Favor Box

Even try putting the ingredients in a box instead of a bag!

Wedding Illustrated

Source: Wedding Illustrated

You can’t go wrong!

Decorative Tags

I like the idea of printing out my own decorative tags because it is so easy – and cheap!

However, if you don’t want to design the tags yourself – you can buy a cute stamp for easy mass creation of DIY tags!

Sending you S’more Love Stamp 1 (with names and date)

Source: Etsy - The Stamp Press

Source: Etsy – The Stamp Press

Sending You S’more Love 2 (with names and date)

Source: Etsy - Heart Crafted Co

Source: Etsy – Heart Crafted Co

But if you aren’t feeling like you want to take the time to design, print, cut, and hole punch – here are a few great templates and/or pre-made tags on Etsy!

Sending You S’more Love (with names and date)

Dazzling Daisies

Source: Etsy – Dazzling Daisies

Enjoy S’more Love (with names and date)

Source: Etsy - Fall For Design

Source: Etsy – Fall For Design

Sending you home with S’more Love (with names and date)


Source: Etsy – Scrap Bits

S’more Love (with names and date)


Source: Etsy – The Paper Stash

S’more Love for You (with names and date)


Source: Etsy – Green Belt Farm

Vintage S’more Love

Source: Etsy - Luvs2Create2

Source: Etsy – Luvs2Create2

The options are endless – all your guests will love this adorable, and yummy, favor!

Just make sure someone saves you a baggy, or two, to enjoy at the end of the night!



  1. Cindy Badtke says:

    Can you buy them already made up or is it a stamp trying to get ideas for my daughters wedding she is doing snores as her favors

    • hungrybride says:

      Hi Cindy!

      I am sure you can find somewhere to buy these favors pre-made! I would recommend looking on Etsy – I know that some sellers offer a S’More Favor Kit which should make your life a lot easier when putting things together! Or, if you really don’t want any part of the “DIY,” I would recommend reaching out to any local bakeries/chocolate shops! They might be willing to put something together for you!

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