DIY Wedding – Be My Bridesmaid Basket

Before I even decided who I wanted to be in my wedding party, I started thinking about what I wanted to give them!

I perused Etsy – and it seemed like the options were ENDLESS! And they totally are!

Immediately, I loved the idea of a box or basket full of fun goodies that they could use and love.

But I also wanted it to be personal – and I did NOT want it to cost a fortune. 

Because after all, I wanted to have more than one bridesmaid – therefore would need more than one basket!

I knew I wanted something at least a little bit different for my Maid of Honor – but not crazy different. 

And I knew I wanted it to be functional. Not just something they would look at once and toss the next day. As a result, I created the perfect little…

Be My Bridesmaid Basket

Or Be My Maid of Honor Basket


Instructions for one basket

What You’ll Need:

1 basket or bucket

1 bottle of champagne, prosecco or wine (see instructions on how to choose a champagne/prosecco bottle below)

1 champagne or wine label from Etsy (I purchased mine from Label with Love – they turned out awesome!)

Baking soda and warm water (to remove original label)

2-3 handfuls of shredded decorative paper

1 foot of thick ribbon or twine

1 champagne flute

Glitter sticker with your girl’s initial (I purchased mine at The Container Store),  optional

1 emergency hangover kit

1 mini or regular sized nail polish

Assorted chocolates (I tried to have my wrappers match my champagne label and ribbon)

Assorted pictures (of you and your girl – DUH!)

Special note, if desired!


How to Choose a Champagne/Prosecco Bottle

  • Try to pick a champagne bottle that is shaped more like a wine bottle – with straight sides, rather than bulbous ones (upper bottle width should be the same as lower bottle width). This will make applying your new label a WHOLE lot easier!
  • Also, look for a bottle with smaller labels – not an all-over-label. This will make removal a lot easier.
  • BAD EXAMPLE: Bottle that does NOT have straight sides:

This bottle does NOT have straight sides

Source: International Wine Shop

  • BAD EXAMPLE: Bottle with large, hard to remove label
Source: South End Liquors

Source: South End Liquors

  • GOOD EXAMPLE: Champagne bottle with straight sides and a small, easy to remove label

Source: Roederer Estate

To Remove Original Wine/Champagne Label

  1. In a large bowl, dissolve 1-2 tablespoons baking soda in warm water. Soak wine or champagne bottle, front label side down, for at least 10 minutes – be sure entire label is completely submerged. 
  2. Remove bottle from soak and peel or scrape off label. If label does not come off easily, soak for another 5 minutes.
  3. Wash bottle with soap and water to remove any remaining “gunk.”

To Apply New Label

  1. Be sure the champagne label area is clean and dry, and determine where you want your label to go.
  2. Peel backing off new sticker. Slightly bend sticker in half “the long way,” so openings face top and bottom of bottle. Gently align sticker with center of desired label area, and slowly price label down on right and left sides. 
  3. If bubbles appear, try again! Or, push bubbles out with a hard flat item, like a credit card. 

Create Hangover Kit

  1. Find instruction in my previous post – DIY/Etsy Feature Friday – Hangover Kits

Arranging Basket

  1. Remove any tags or stickers from basket.
  2. Tie ribbon or twine to basket in bow or with a different desired knot. 
  3. Add shredded paper to basket for support, then place champagne bottle in basket.
  4. Add initial sticker to champagne flute, if desired. Place in basket.
  5. Arrange photos, nail polish, hangover kit, and any special notes as desired.
  6. Fill your basket with plenty of chocolate! 


The perfect basket for your maid of honor and/or bridesmaids. 

Your girls (or boys!) will be honored and THRILLED to stand by your side no matter what! Even without a gift!

But, I can assure you, they will love the thought and time you put into creating such a cute basket full of fun!

Not to mention, now you both have a bottle of champagne/wine to drink!




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