Choosing a Photographer

For me, choosing a photographer was one of the most exciting, yet nerve wracking, decisions I have yet to make while planning my wedding.

I had spent countless hours perusing photography websites, emailing photographers, and analyzing friends’ engagement photo sessions. 

I spent so much time looking at wedding photography, I could suddenly predict whether I would like a photographer after only glancing over a few photos. 

I wanted my photos to be elegant, candid, and full of beauty. I wanted to look back in the future at my wedding and be able to recall the events perfectly, but also see them artistically.

As I mentioned in my previous post “Wedding Vendors, Where You At?“, I did not want a “point and shoot” photographer. I wanted a photographer with “unique style.”

I also needed the photographer to fit within a certain budget. I learned very quickly that photographer prices can range GREATLY! While some photographers will charge as little as $1995, others will charge as much as $8000 – and more depending on album selection, etc. 

So I searched – and searched – and searched some more.

However, what I did not realize right away was that the photographs are not all that matters when choosing a photographer. 


Your photographer’s personality matters!!

It is important that you choose a photographer who you genuinely like! 

After all, they are going to be around during some very important moments – during engagement photos, wedding ceremony, wedding photos, and wedding reception.

At your wedding, you will have all your closest family and friends surrounding you…

Oh yeah – and those people you are paying to be there. 

Make sure your photographer is someone who makes you feel comfortable!

After your wedding ceremony, you will be feeling all lovey dovey and romantic and you might want to be intimate with your new spouse – will you feel weird having this person watching and photographing you doing that?

When you meet your photographer for the first time, consider the following questions:

Would you want to be friends with them?

Can they make you laugh?

Or does it feel like your mom/dad is watching you make out and you could not be more uncomfortable?

If you do not feel comfortable while taking photographs – you are absolutely not going to look comfortable.

So find a photographer who will be a comforting presence during photos – someone who can say, “Relax! This is the happiest day of your life! Enjoy it!”

For a full list of New England photographers that I looked at, and a list of other important questions to consider – check out my previous post “Wedding Vendors, Where You At?

*Feature photo source: Weddings Outfit


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