Growing up, I have always LOVED to bake – and to eat. In fact, I just love food in general! In college, I baked every Friday as a therapeutic release and a way to make friends. Who doesn’t want a chocolate chip cookie bar after a long week of work? It was also in college that I met my best friend and now-fiance, Jake.

After 4 years together, Jake proposed on February 7th, 2015 out in the snow, overlooking the ocean – he planned an elaborate evening for us to enjoy, the only way that I would have ever wanted, with family and friends. I could not have been happier! Once the engagement excitement calmed down, it was time to begin the planning! But where to even begin??

Since then – I have only been able to think of two things – weddings and food!! And that is how I became The Hungry Bride.

About Me

I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and currently live in Boston with my fiance Jake! I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Systems Engineering and minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Now you might be wondering – engineering? Baking? What? Yup – sometimes I wonder the same thing. Jake and I have an adorable golden retriever named Gatsby who I love more than is probably considered healthy. This is him.

gats1 handg

My favorite dessert pecan pie… or maybe brownies… or chocolate chip cheesecake cookies bars. Three-way tie? Did I mention I love food? I love watching tv series that have already run so that I can binge watch seasons at a time. I also love hot yoga and pretending to be a runner. Pretending, being the key-word.

I am a self-taught, mom-taught baker who loves to feed anyone she can. Despite the fact that I do not have kids (nevermind grandkids) yet, I think my personality very much resembles that of a good Jewish grandmother in this way!